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I’m horribly distracted by the Olympics. SO MUCH TO WATCH but I only really into gymnastics, diving, and taking in a few of the shorter and team swims.

I tuned in to see Phelps get 4th in a race. I’m not sure about you but he did seem kind of entitled when his face was this.


Poor guy was not ready for the interview afterwords however the NBC correspondent was a bit direct with questions like “this is your first time you have not metaled in a race since 2002, how does that make you feel” or something along those lines.   He stammered through the interview and I’m sure he wasn’t prepared.


A fun game to play with friends watching this Olympics:

Each time you see an American Flag the first person to yell: MERICA!  wins…

Each time you see an British flag yell: Jolly Ol England


Some comments or Observations I made this weekend: 

Me: Phelps got 4th… what the what!?

‎Me: 99% of Men Olympic swimmers are extremely ripped… raceforgold

My roommate asked: Where are the 1% of chubby swimmers? I must have missed them.

My response: A guy from france… It panned him and he had some extra croissants on each side…

Me: US Woman’s gymnastics: Lets play a game! The White is safe ice cool zone and and red is molten lava, you step there and you DIE. RULE #1: STAY IN BOUNDS! Just sayin




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