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Super 90’s Road Trip Foods

Do you remember what snacks you just HAD TO HAVE when your parents made a pit stop on a road trip? It didn’t matter how many apples, carrots, grapes, or PBJ’s your mom packed for you in your cooler, you wanted something from the gas station pit stops.

Here are a few of the 90’s Road Trip foods, I just had to have at these pit stops.

Corn nuts. Yep, they are the most amazing chruchy, salt filled things ever! This was my fav but despite my love for them others didn’t much care for the loud and slightly smelly snack

Bugles. I love this cone shaped treat. You can put one on every finger and have witch fingers

Pop Rocks. Again another loud sticky treat to get all over the car.

Bubble tape. I could some how fit a whole roll in my mouth in about 15 min. It wasn’t intentional I just had a hard time saving it.

Dots. Suger on paper, I never really liked it but there was something desirable about them.


What did you just “have to have” from the gas station stops?!


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