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Worst Haircut EVER

You know the horrible haircut you got as a child?! At the bottom I have a link to an interview with 2 kids (3 and 5 years old) describing the worse haircut ever. It had me thinking about those summer nights my mother would have me stand up on your yellow and orange kiddy picnic table and she would use a piece of tape on my hair as her guide. I’m almost sure this stopped after my brother got his School photos back and his bangs where a perfect diagonal. Then of coarse you have the time I was in a time out and I decided because I could reach the scissors that I should cut my own hair. So I did and the quilt Grandma crocheted for me. 😦 and the number of times I ended up with gum in my hair, I am surprised I was allowed to chew it at all! Anyway if you are like me listening to this will bring a flood of memories back as this father interview the kids… ENJOY!



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