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Refinishing the Floors, Stain and Poly

After the final sanding you will need a can of Mineral spirits and an old tshirt. Wipe down the entire floor to lift up any sand or dust out of the cracks.

Use a brush and stain the floor, I picked a color called Spring Oak. I painted on the stain and let it sit for 10-15 min and wiped it down with a T-shirt.

I let the stain sit for a day, then followed up with Polyurethane. I painted it with a brushed it around the edges. After that I used  a lamb brush applicator, poured the poly on the ground and I pushed it across the floor with the lambs wool brush.

Looking good! Last step is to use a 220 grit sand paper and go over the surface before the 2nd coat of poly. I’ll be sure and post a new photo once the room is moved into… but it has come a long way.



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3 thoughts on “Refinishing the Floors, Stain and Poly

  1. Nice job, looks great.

  2. Nice! You’re so handy. 🙂

  3. This looks sooooo good! I am excited for the day Tim and I decide to redo our floors!

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