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A Great Day to Take a Wrong Turn

I would like to send a quick apology out to my regulars (Mom, Dad, Grandmother, CAK, and Wynn) for not getting my post up earlier in the day. (My parents are almost sure I’m dead if it isn’t up by noon) Today my charger for my computer died and I had only gotten it Feb of 2011 after my previous one caught fire… yes it caught fire in my lap and I tossed my computer on the table and dashed to unplug it from the wall… I didn’t know what to do but seemed like the thing to do at the time. So the NICE lady at apple pleaded my case to her manager because it was no longer in the year warranty range and Bingo Bango, they replaced it for free. So THANK YOU Apple for a great customer experience. (and saving me $79)

Now that my computer is charged I can tell you want a great day it was to take a wrong turn. I was coming home from feeding my friends cat and I was distracted by the fact that Parks and Rec had replaced some lights, lights that had been out in a park for quite some time. As I was blinded by there brightness I missed my street. On just the next street over I found this dandy little chair sitting out at the curb along side a small eager beaver chain saw and some other items. I don’t have a chain saw but I have a friend who cuts down trees for a living and he can let me know if it runs or not. An Eager Beaver was his 1st saw 6 years ago so that sounds promising. I’m just going to set that aside for now and I moved the chair inside by the door. SO CUTE!! I love love love it and would pay at least $5 at a thrift store for it. (but its in such great condition I am sure they would try to get $10 for it) Its a great addition to the entryway to sit and take off your shoes.


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