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Off With Her Wallpaper! -Part 1

It is finally time. Time to take down the last of the wall paper in this house. My first time with taking down wallpaper in the house turned out only so so… I have learned a lot since then and some new tricks I hope will help others taking down the wallpaper in their homes.

So here is what you will need:

Old clothing to wear

Set of gloves

Large pail

Diff- wallpaper removing brand name we used

A wallpaper tiger- puts holes in the paper


Putty knife OR what we used, Pampered Chef Pan Scrapers (no joke this works wonders and NEVER puts accidental holes in your walls like a putty knife)

Trash Bag

Step stool

PS: Do you like that one Halloween nail?!

Step one: Use wallpaper tiger to put holes in the wallpaper, do the whole room.

Step two: Put on your gloves and make your Diff mixture in your pail, start soaking the wallpaper with the mixture using a sponge. (focus on one wall or a 3 foot section at a time)

Step three: Peal off the wallpaper. Most times there will be a 2nd layer behind it. Repeat step 2 of soaking the section. Let it sit a few min before attempting step four. Trust me you have lots of areas to be soaking and pealing, you will not have much idle time.

Step four: Use your putty knife or Pampered Chef tool to scrap of the soaked layer to the paint layer below. (You may need to be clearing the floor as you go putting wallpaper remains into the large trash bag.)Β Again I can not praise this Pampered Chef tool enough for this project. It has a nice sharp corner for the edges and everything.

Step five: Wash the walls with the Diff mixture 2 or so more time to help remove the paste. (A 2 sided sponge with a scrubby side would be helpful on this step.)

I know having the wallpaper off doesn’t change the fact I have a light pink (almost wood putty colored) toilet, tub, and vanity but I hope not having the wallpaper will help bring this room to date with a good paint job. So this was only day one, I still have some repairs to do in some corners that had some issues as well as some holes in the wall.

I will post a part 2 and perhaps even a part 3 as the project continues.

However I am pleased with the results thus far!


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5 thoughts on “Off With Her Wallpaper! -Part 1

  1. Nice job, where do you ever find the time. You really have this wallpaper down!
    Step 3 lots instead of lost, just incase you decide to publish, “Heather’s Helpful Hints,” someday. Can’t wait to see you.


  2. How good does this look! What a great job. Get a new counter top put in our old sink and a new toilet and it will be fantastic! Maybe look into reglazing tub area not sure what that would cost but just the wall paper down is fantastic! You are amazing πŸ™‚

  3. Monica on said:

    We took out the soffit over our tub and it opened the room up even more (and we added an exhaust fan). Looking forward to the update as you progress.

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