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They Got Me Good

I would like to say I have some wonderful friend. I don’t do much for my birthday depending on the year, just as time allows for it. I get a wonderful cheese cake from my mother and great food at Thanksgiving but I just don’t make a big deal of my birthday with friends. This year it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving so I was thinking, maybe this year I could do a small little something… but they beat me too it. The three gals I hag out with every few Saturdays to talk about life tricked me. We use to meet on Sat morning, hang out at the pool, talk, eat, dream about life and how we can encourage each other. As fall came we all got a little busy and had to meet some times at nights or different days as time allowed. This week the girls wanted to get dressed up and go out to dinner because “they never have a reason to get dolled up any more”.

Em picked me up on the way to our friends house to go see her newly painted walls then off to dinner. We get to her house and I am extremely distracted by the entry way walls. Its about a 40 foot long hallway we spent 5 hours hanging all of her husbands signed sports art work… and I couldn’t see the holes. “Kel where are the holes? That took forever!! I hope you didn’t fill them before painting…  SURPRISE!!!!” People came out of every direction. They got me good. I didn’t know what to think or do or say. A rare moment indeed… here is the reenactment an hour later.  PS You shouldn’t hold white wine like I am in this moment but I wanted to show off the grand SIZE of the wineglass they got me… it was huge!


They had pizza and snacks galore and then they did the one thing that I’m not sure that anyone even knew about… they had an Ice Cream cake. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it and as a kid an Ice Cream cake in Nov was a rare thing indeed since the local Dairy Queen shuts down for the year in Oct. In addition to getting an ice cream cake, it was Packer themed. My friends are SO good to me!

It was a wonderful night with friends, Thanks gals!!


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2 thoughts on “They Got Me Good

  1. royalbluedori on said:

    That’s awesome! I’ve been racking my brain and this is really helping out!

    Carissa Anne

  2. What a great way to spend your BD early with friends 🙂 Looks like a GREAT time. Got the cheesecake 🙂 Can’t wait to see you Wed.

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