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Savvy Shelfs

Ever since I moved into my house I have dreamed of some LONG floating shelves in the family room. Just someplace to deplay photos form my trips or other little keep sakes from around the world. I would often look at them in stores and they would be beat up and uneven and I could not pay $40-$75 for a shelf that was not already in great condition.

So I found my inspiration shelfs at  crate and barrel, but again its about $40

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 11.40.53 PM


-One 1×4 (x48)

-Two 1×2 (x48)

-Hand full of finishing nails and 3 or so screws

-Wood glue

-Paint or stain depending on how you want to finish it.

-Sand paper



Trip to Home Depot and I had all that I needed.


I first applied the wood glue, assembled and let dry for the night. In the morning I secured the pieces together with some finishing nails (about 4 or 5 per side).

I liked the rough look so I didn’t fill in the holes were the nails are.


I chose to stain with ”Minwax” in mahogany (the same one from my dresser refresh) and finish with clear ”Varathane”

I had some extra straps and so I made a small 2 foot self at the same time.


I decided to screw the shelves directly into the wall studs using 3” screws (stud finder, level, drill and much taller friend, thanks J)  I got some gray screw’s and I was a bit worried that you would see them but I will have stuff on the shelves so it doesn’t seem to be an issue.


This is some of the random things I had around that I tossed up on it to see what it looked like. Not bad right?! Best part is it only cost about $9… All I had to buy was the wood! What a deal!



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One thought on “Savvy Shelfs

  1. I love your new pull-up bar… nice work!!

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