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Packing for a Winter Trip

I will be taking a delightful trip coming up, but it is not easy packing for a winter trip. You need LOTS of warm clothing. The whole bottom row of my suitcase is going to be dress clothing for dinners, churches, opera, and other events.

So I picked out a lot of sweaters I can use with each outfit.


Silver dress -Red Sweater

Silver dress – Black sweater

Silver dress – Green sweater

Black and Gray Dress- Red Sweater

Black and Gray Dress- Black sweater

Green Skirt, black tank- Red Sweater

Green Skirt, black tank- Black Sweater

Green Skirt, white tank- Red Sweater

Denim Skirt, white tank- Red sweater

Denim Skirt, white tank- Green Sweater

Denim Skirt, white tank- Black sweater

Denim Skirt, Black tank- Red sweater

Denim Skirt, Black tank- Green sweater

Denim Skirt, Black tank- Black sweater

Then use different leggings, scarfs and other accents to refresh the look.

I have rolled them up and they fill the bottom of my 1st row of packing and I have 14 dress clothing options!!



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One thought on “Packing for a Winter Trip

  1. Rachel R on said:

    Very impressive packing. I love that grey and black patterned dress!

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