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Prague: day 1

I have arrived in Prague. Last night I took a bus from Poland to Prague. On this ride I past many backwoods country areas at dusk. I can’t help but imagine all of the folklores that came from these parts. We are driving in a valley, the twisty road is not lit. Large hills on both sides with a misty fog setting in rolling into the valley. As I gaze out the window the hillsides open to a wooded area with a tall but cozy shelter with a spindly dirt road and I can’t help but think this is the gingerbread house covered with sweets.

I arrived at the station waved down a taxi and arrived at my next place around 8pm. I was studying a map of the city when a pub crawl gal from Boston came in. I chatted with her a bit then followed her to the town square. (Easy way to find things and she didn’t mind much since she was going that way) from there I wondered the square a bit and saw lots of people trying to take photos of themselves. These kind of photos never turn out well and so I began my rampage to take other people’s vacation photos. I must have taken over a dozen when I hear someone speaking English. I gravitated to her… Took some photos and asked her some questions. She was also alone. When she heard it was my 1st night she wanted to show me the sites and work on her English. She had been studying here for 3 months and it was her last day. What a blessing!! We saw so much in one night (2+ hours) it was unreal. Here are a few pics from last nights adventure.



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One thought on “Prague: day 1

  1. Rachel R on said:

    What a blessing to meet such a sweet girl! Love the amazingly beautiful architecture in these old buildings.

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