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Prague: Day 2 and 3

I had such a blast in Prague. Seriously such a great place!

The castle was really quite disappointing. It don’t have anything as far as furniture or anything however when reading the history it seemed to have many fires.
The cathedral was an astounding site. It seemed to soar to crazy heights. My new friends and I took the stairs to the top of a bell tower. I thought I was going to die walking up the tightly wound stairs, part from the dizziness and the fact I had already walked 3 or so miles to get there BEFORE taking these stairs. But the view was worth it. (Photos to come from a real camera)
They did have an extensive museum of relics, a neat little area of houses typical to the day, as well as some neat armor.
Did the Charles bridge again, and climbed the clock tower at night to overlook the Christmas market.
At the top of the tower they had a photo option for a few $ so I was like “let’s do it!!” It was cheaper for us to do it together. Turned out quite well I think.






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