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Trains: my new favorite form of transportation

I think I spelt it out in the title. I seriously love traveling via train! Oh sure I’ve only done it once for a short ride from Vienna to Zurich but so far it is delightful! No weighing or checking of bags, it was really easy!

Okay so I wrote that 20 min into the trip and a bit has changed. I was on the wrong car however the ticket master only spoke German. Needless to say my 2 months of German in middle school may not have been enough to bridge the language barrier completely, the guy next to me translated exactly what he said after he left. So at the next stop I transferred all my bags in 2 min outside to 10 cars down and found a seat. Wofta. Whelp 10 min later it hit me like a ton of bricks, I’m not wearing a jacket nor did I move one. Argggg. So in true world race style at our next stop I had 2-3 min to run to the train, get past people exiting, find my coat and get back since here the trains separated at that stop.
I had to prepare… A trip to the bathroom and 10 min of metal perpetration. I was a bit freighted I would miss the train but more freighted to be in Switzerland without a jacket. So I grabbed my purse (money ticket passport… Aka essential items just incase I went off in the wrong direction)
I moved forward to the last/closest economy car.
2 min: I played a mind game. Who sat by me, what markers could I use since many people had moved around since the train embarked
1 min: laces tight, hair back, it’s game time.
Running: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7get on. searching. WRONG car!! Go back… Politely pushing my way back. There it is!! Why did I sit in the middle of the car??!!
Go go go pull pull got it… Go go go running!!! 2 cars and ill be on the right train. Please let me on!!!
I’m in. First class people are giving me funny looks but it’s ok because these cars are connected. Working my way back to economy just a bit stressed but really my fault. It was so mild in Vienna today and I didn’t need it. Over all the train was smooth and had some amazing views.

Again I met another person who spoke English ( from Austria) and we chatted most of the ride. All is well!!


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