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So Amsterdam.

I really had no intention to go here at all. Everything I had heard about it seemed negative. The red light district, the drugs, and other not so great things. So when Delta had me lay over for 20 hours in Amsterdam I didn’t much look into what I could do… Sadly I entered the city ill prepared. I didn’t know where my hotel was and took me a good hour to navigate the city’s transpiration system to get there. (all the good maps you get once you get to the hotel). I had a good little tramp around the town. My hotel was right on the river, little did i know just how many rivers it had.


My Hotel was also only 10 or so blocks from the Anne Frank House, and that was one of the only things I wanted to see.

The Anne Frank house was really neat but I don’t know how they could hide out for 2 years. Its clear that the house went much higher so I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

Overall the house tour was really neat with museum like preservations of the diary, letters, jewish stars, and video documentary of people who knew Anne and the families. The whole thing was moving and Anne’s father helped set up the whole thing. I of course think it would be hard to be able to step back into time like that, to a place your whole family lived at one point before the Nazis took you all away and he was the only survivor. All of the memories… Crazy.

Europe trip-8589

Europe trip-8612

The middle two houses are owned by the Anne Frank foundation.

Things learned about Amsterdam:

1. I’m more likely to get hit by a bike then any other form of transpiration.

2. Lots of really cute shops!

3. There are lots of rivers and homes and shops and pubs on the rivers, its cute.

4. Dutch Pancakes are WONDERFUL

Europe trip-8636Europe trip-8603


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