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Vienna Photos

Vienna, what can one say about this city. Vienna is the place that Mozart lived in over dozens different locations… I think only one is still around. They kind of like him here… I spent most of my time in the “old town” or the center of the city. They have attempted to change the city center due to the fact the “old town” is all touristy and old but thats what I love about all of these cities. They keep the old but keep moving forward with new.

Europe trip-6505

Vienna like most European cities has many churches, I visited 3 and took my 1st crypt tour. They actually showed us a mass grave, like bones every place, bad horror movie, black plague kind of thing. Ishh… but the church it’s self was all dolled up for Christmas, they even did some lighting on the inside, unlike anything I had seen in a church before.

Europe trip-6545I was here over Christmas so I wanted to get my fill of the wonder and majesty of all it had to offer. So after the churches and an organ concert I spend 3 hours people watching and taking photos at what I thought would be my last Christmas market.

Europe trip-6696

Europe trip-6716Christmas day I filled with 3 museums…

Europe trip-6853Europe trip-6883The Nutcracker at the Vienna Opera house

Europe trip-6927And Twinkly lights…

Europe trip-6898

Europe trip-6914 It was so delightful to hang out at my own pace and see and do so many wonderful Christmas activities… I really do love all of the twinkly lights. It seems like each street had a different theme.

Europe trip-6902 🙂


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