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Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Just in time for fall random obsessions of mine is back! Just like boots, carmel apples, crisp weather, pretty leaves, pumpkin spice and everything nice I’M BACK.
Today I’m going to take you on an adventure through the Renaissance Festival! Just another great fall tradition here in Minnesota. It’s a place where wizards, princesses, knights in shining armor all roam free together along with mermaids and fairies. I think its one of the only places you can walk around openly with a sword, a real sword, on your hip!
The Renaissance Festival also has a photo contest so below ill include 11 photos for you to vote which when you think I should enter in the contest.

ren fest 13-1262 2ren fest 13-1295 3ren fest 13-1300 4ren fest 13-1372 5ren fest 13-1444 6ren fest 13-1466 7ren fest 13-1501 8545257_10100251991405852_914596525_n 91174782_10100251991410842_1066777476_n 101237143_10100251995737172_1579229465_n 111256510_10100251989883902_1227339691_n




ren fest 13-1244 ren fest 13-1375


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