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Falling into fall

This week the colors started to POP around town. It is amazing! I feel like I woke up Thursday morning and my tree in the back yard just caught FIRE!

With the changing of the leaves so must we change the colors and clothing we rock. I defiantly pulled my boots out a few weeks early for Ren Fest but have been wearing them most of Sept. Here is fun outfit using lots of the trends that have some saying power from last year.

Colored Pants: With fall we will shift into darker washes instead of the bright Mints and Corals of summer. Try a Dark red or blue.

Chambray and Denim Shirts: Layering them under sweaters is great expectantly when you aren’t wearing Denim jeans

Adorky Sweater Prints: I think these have a special place in my hart. Fun prints let me feel young and fun but they are doing them in ways that don’t feel tacky

 Satchel: I never rocked the big bag trend. I’m not sure how people find things but I do like the hands free and no shrugging  to keep my bag up that the Satchel provides.


Check out this idea I tossed together using all of these trends. Not bad right?

Fun for fall, Fun for all!



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2 thoughts on “Falling into fall

  1. Your SJ friends thank you for posting again they so enjoy 🙂 me and dad too.

  2. Your SJ friends say thank you for posting again they so enjoy. 🙂 dad and I also enjoy.

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