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Upcycle Table Redo #2

I love love love how this is turning out!

So step 1: Sand (I used 3 different grits) See 1st post here
Step 2: Clean. I used a old t shirt rag to knock off all the dust followed by a clean rag and mineral spirit. (Use gloves when working with Mineral Spirits)
Step 3: Stencil, paint. For this I used a sponge brush and this really cool large stencil I ordered 10 months ago. I had intentions of using it on an accent wall. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Cool start… I used the same grays I used on the living room paneling. Next I free hand painted the edge. Let dry a day.
Step 4: stain, I used the same stain as my dresser update. See the dresser update here.

I like how this is progressing…

Now I need to seal it with some coats of poly and figure out what to do with the legs. Maybe I’ll have a new table by Christmas… 🙂


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One thought on “Upcycle Table Redo #2

  1. Wow it looks great!

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