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Trick or Treat Makeup: Deer

This year I didn’t have much time after work before trick or treaters showed up at my door. So I just worked with things I had.

I quick used the makeup I had to make it look like I had a deer face in 5 min.


I started with bronzer from ear to ear over the crown of my face making more of a heart shape over my forehead.

Took a large blush brush and pulled it from my ears in on my cheeks, adding a dab on my chin.

With a small brush I painted from my eyebrows down the side of my noes about 1/2 way down.

I used Eyeliner and made dramatic cat eyes and just filled in under the bottom of my nose. (I know a lot of people go on the end of the nose but I tried to create the long nose deer have)

White eyeliner to make the spots (in the future I would used paint or something liquid)

All things considered, not too shabby for 5 min face. I took more time to take photos of it then I did doing it. 🙂



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