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Midweek Giggle: Cutest Reply Card EVER

1st off I would like to commend the bride and groom who came up with the Madlib replay card. It is really cute.

2nd this persons reply was REALLY creative! PROPS!



My Fav Coupon Site

Here it is, my favorite coupons site. Its not a site to get coupons however it helps you use them. (occasionally they have instant print outs)

It has a lot of good info on the site but the part I utilize the most is the store deals. They show you the best deals at each store and how to stack or use your coupons at the store.

Good luck and SAVE SAVE SAVE!!


Wedding Tour

This weekend I had 2 weddings and I loved taking photos at both of my friends weddings. Here are a few of the quick snap shots I took.


Dollar Store Puzzle

I kind of like puzzles, not just jig saw but all puzzle’s. So while trolling the Dollar store for hot glue gun sticks I found this little guy. HOW FUN! Wisconsin has a big cheese on it, Texas has a cowboy hat, Montana has mountains just SO CUTE!

Dinner 101: Chicken Cranberry Salad

At a little place called Doolittle’s they make a KILLER Chicken Cranberry Salad with a poppy seed dressing and this is my attempt to recreate it. The dressing wasn’t quite right so I might be looking into how to make it from scratch.

What you will need:

1 leftover rotisserie chicken

1 head of leafy lettuce

1 package of an almond cranberry mix (the orange was a new twist)

Salad dressing- (this one was so so… I’ll keep hunting)

This was good but not an exact replica… so my search continues! Have a great weekend, see you back here Monday!


Shutterfly DEAL: Free 8X8 book 1 week only

This just in, FREE SHUTTERFLY BOOK! All you would pay is shipping for this great little 8 X 8 Book! Great way to keep your memories from a cruse to Alaska, a summer trip to the Cabin, or a new addition to the Family! What will you do with your book?!


* this just in you can us this on other sizes as well $29.99 off a 12×1, or 8×11 photo book

Summer of Red Green

Oh my I almost flipped my lid when I saw this! FREE Red Green online, all the time. I’m hyperventilating right now because as a kid this was one of the greatest shows… What a great way to end the summer!!



Art Update

About a year ago I got a great deal on this art piece, the glass was broken out of it and it had some scratches on the art but the price was $199 but with coupons and discounts I got it for $19.99. Not bad for a LARGE frame. I finally found the best poster to fill this frame. I pealed back the matting without taking it off, tacked down the poster, and put the mat back on.

Just incase it is hard to tell it’s an antique map of the world with fun old nautical paintings around the edges.

Olympic Sillyness

My heart just broke last night for poor Aly Raisman. What an AWEFUL way to “loose” a metal. Did there really need a tie breaker?!  Can’t they both win if they had the same score?! Sad day for Aly…

Check out this funny Jerry Seinfeld clip on the subject


Okay I did a post on my glasses addiction (click here to see it) this past Winter but the deal is up again! It is limited to what fame’s they give away on this but the link below should take you to the complete list.


Offer ends 7/24/2012. One free pair of glasses per customer. Valid for coupon eligible frames only. To get your free pair apply the coupon code FBFREEGLASSES at checkout. 1.5 index lenses included for free. Lens upgrades including: higher index lenses, progressives, Transitions, polarized and all lens coatings are available at additional cost. Shipping costs still apply, which is typically $15. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid for residents of the United States only. Coastal.com reserves the right to cancel orders that appear to be in violation of this promotion.

I have done this… it works. The total cost is about $40-$60 with shipping and lens upgrades… TOTALLY WORTH IT if you need a new pair or just a good pair of back up glasses. DO IT!

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