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Upcycle Table Redo #2

I love love love how this is turning out!

So step 1: Sand (I used 3 different grits) See 1st post here
Step 2: Clean. I used a old t shirt rag to knock off all the dust followed by a clean rag and mineral spirit. (Use gloves when working with Mineral Spirits)
Step 3: Stencil, paint. For this I used a sponge brush and this really cool large stencil I ordered 10 months ago. I had intentions of using it on an accent wall. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Cool start… I used the same grays I used on the living room paneling. Next I free hand painted the edge. Let dry a day.
Step 4: stain, I used the same stain as my dresser update. See the dresser update here.

I like how this is progressing…

Now I need to seal it with some coats of poly and figure out what to do with the legs. Maybe I’ll have a new table by Christmas… πŸ™‚


Upcycle Table Redo #1

Here is my next project. I picked the table up off of Creig’s list this summer. It’s a great solid piece and I’ve been tempted to do many things to it… But for now its stripped and I’m sure it will be a completely new table in just a few weeks. However I do think the legs are going to give me heck… :/



Operation lamp update

I love to just look though thrift stores. On a recent run I saw this amazing lamp so I asked myself, could I use a lamp. Yes! In the living room. Question two, does it work? I found an outlet and a bulb and it did! Ok so how much? $7… But wait yellow stickers are half price today! Scoooorrreee! So I loved the details and glass and figured someday ill find a new shade.

Not loving all of the bronze look I layered on a coat of paint followed by a darker coat of the gray blue and hit it with a rub of stain leaving just a hint of the old life it had.

Here is the before and after, not bad for $3.50 and a little elbow grease.

Fun Fashionable Quilt Ideas

I put together a bunch of fun and fashionable quilt ideas… Easy and cute!


Lamp Shade Update

I picked up a cool retro lampshade the other day and the ideas kept coming to me. I opted to use the new stencil the bird I just purchased.
I wasn’t terribly fond of it’s original color. I pulled out the old paint I used in the living room so it would match and decided to paint it… I Do not suggest painting a lamp shade!!! Does anyone know why? (I know Rick has his hand up with the right answer) its because it doesn’t allow light to pass through it… This was a kink in my plan I did not foresee until I plugged it in. :-/
All the same it turned out well and makes a fun contemporary addition to the room for now and only cost $2.50.
Paint, stencil, and lamp are all things I owned. Next time I will update using fabric. Lesson learned!




Rome Inspired Trash Can

Yesterday was the end of Pope Watch 2013. I had a blast chatting with coworkers and on the way home I stopped at a thrift store and found this garbage can for $1.50. I just happened to need one for my bathroom and thought “what the heck, I could put a map on it”. I had some left after I finished the G for the fireplace and if you are like my roommate you might be thinking “how many more items can this girl put maps on”. Β The answer is A LOT! πŸ™‚ I picked the Rome map to honor the new Pope.

All you need is some Mod Podge, a map, perhaps some ribbon, and an old trash can.

Map- free from my trip to Rome 3 months ago, Ribbon- .39 cents at a thrift shop a month back, Trash Can- $1.50, Capturing this day in history for my bathroom, priceless…



G is for Go

I finally took some time this weekend to decorate the G to go above the mantle. I took out all of the city maps I collected on my last trip, tickets, and coins.

Then I had to map out what it should/could look like.


I decided to use the maps in the order I took the trip this winter, lining the inside with tickets, and adding coins on top.






Because it was so light weight I use 2 3m wall hanging strips to put it in the was.

I’m not found of how it looks yet… I think I will add a stain on top of the maps to make it more brown to blend better with the clock.

Diaper cake

For the shower I also whipped up a quick dipper cake.


It’s was really easy, here is what you will need:
2 or 3 round cake pans or dishes in different sizes
Old paper rolls
Rubber bands
Thin ribbon
Thick decorative ribbon
Fun toys or decorations
A plate


Fan out the diapers in the cake pan, about every 1/2 inch or so. Insert the paper rolls about half way through.
Once set in the pan toss a rubberband or two in it to hold it in place. Replace the rubberband with some cheap ribbon (I used the curling ribbon from Christmas). After that use the decorative ribbon over the top securing it with a pin.

Repeat 3 time for the 3 layers.
Finally stack and decorate with toys or other items.



Silly archivers sent me a coupon card about a month ago. It was for 10 sheets of plain archiver’s paper and $10 off a $10 purchase. Little did they know I had the perfect project in mind with the upcoming baby shower for my sister-in-law, a banner. I left archiver’s with about 20 sheets of paper and a pack of bee stickers and paid about $4 for it all.
When I got home I took the 12 x 12 sheets of paper and lay them out. I marked the top of each one at the 6 inch point and the bottom at 3 inches in from both the right and from the left. Using a paper cutter I cut at a diagonal from the corner meeting the 3 inch point to the six-inch, the six-inch to the 3 inch point and back to the corner. Each 12 x 12 sheet will yield three pointed banner pieces.

I borrowed roommates stencil for the letters and some ribbon I purchased on clearance previously.
Not a bad little addition to the party for $4 and 2 hours of my time. More shower crafts to come… πŸ˜‰


I’ve Been Framed!

I thrifted a bit with a vision in mind… I needed a frame, not too big but big enough to hold the 11x? Photo I printed at Walgreens with a coupon… The vision was to have a holiday photo for display next Christmas from this years trip.
This is what I found… Total cost $5. Next week ill paint the frame I think. It’s got lots of nicks and dents I would like to build up with plaster and cover up but still… $5


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