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Dr.Who Disney Art

I always find it interesting when artist take things we know so well and take a new spin on them. A friend shared with me this website, a mash up of Disney and Dr. Who.

The artist is Karen Hallion, She has websites and facebook pages and Here you can find her Etsy Page but I can’t help but think how creative this is.  The Time Lord could cross into any number of things we love…







Jen and Mike: Wedding

I was honored to attend another wedding this weekend. Jen and I bonded at my 1st Rosetown play 2 years ago.

Here are a few of the ceremony photos.

Jen and Mike -9448 Jen and Mike -9490 Jen and Mike -9497 Jen and Mike -9508 Jen and Mike -9514 Jen and Mike -9532 Jen and Mike -9541 Jen and Mike -9544 Jen and Mike -9552

Fall Photo Fun day!

I have had a photo passion since my parents got me my 1st camera. It was the style that still used the amazing cube flashes! After that Grandfather Anderson handed down to me a Polaroid camera and my 1st digital camera. This is a hobby that clearly stuck but in the past year or so my friends have welcomed me into their lives with it.

I have had the opportunity to get to know Charell the past 3 or 4 years through Church events and Softball. (this girl can hit, look out Jason) It’s always your prayer for your friends to find an EPIC love, one that chases you down, waits for the right timing and will swoop in.  Jason did all of that.

The story as I know it is, these two have known each other for a while. Even dated once but it wasn’t the right timing. They both had some growing to do but just a few years later that flame was rekindled! Just spending the afternoon with them you can tell Jason is the guy God has for Charell. They play well and have so much fun together, he’s defensive of her (in a “take a conceal and carry class because I love you” kind of way), they put God first in many of the decisions they make, and once Jason figures out what to do with his hands when taking photos it became hard to pick just  few photos for a sneak peek… I narrowed it down to 70 but here are just a few.

J & C 10-12-13-8984

J & C 10-12-13-9129
Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.28.30 PM

J & C 10-12-13-9107

J & C 10-12-13-9391

I’m so happy for you! Thanks for letting me share the afternoon attempting to capture your love!

J & C 10-12-13-9117 J & C 10-12-13-9166J & C 10-12-13-9051


Engagement Photo Fun!

You are about to see a lot more photo posts from me as I am finally taking up shooting people. (Yeah that sounds wrong but you know what I mean!) Here are some photos from my 1st engagement session this past spring. This same couple asked me to be their wedding!! Crazy cats! I was so honored to be able to share part of this love story… here are a just a few of the photos.


945331_10100206070426862_1662226490_n 1039501_10100206070476762_339469995_o 1047941_10100206070342032_581301132_o 1048434_10100206070431852_973239200_o

Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Just in time for fall random obsessions of mine is back! Just like boots, carmel apples, crisp weather, pretty leaves, pumpkin spice and everything nice I’M BACK.
Today I’m going to take you on an adventure through the Renaissance Festival! Just another great fall tradition here in Minnesota. It’s a place where wizards, princesses, knights in shining armor all roam free together along with mermaids and fairies. I think its one of the only places you can walk around openly with a sword, a real sword, on your hip!
The Renaissance Festival also has a photo contest so below ill include 11 photos for you to vote which when you think I should enter in the contest.

ren fest 13-1262 2ren fest 13-1295 3ren fest 13-1300 4ren fest 13-1372 5ren fest 13-1444 6ren fest 13-1466 7ren fest 13-1501 8545257_10100251991405852_914596525_n 91174782_10100251991410842_1066777476_n 101237143_10100251995737172_1579229465_n 111256510_10100251989883902_1227339691_n




ren fest 13-1244 ren fest 13-1375

Coming back this fall!

Count down the days for the fall kick off of random obsessions! More fashion, more crafts, and lots more photo fun!! Starting up again Oct 1! Just so you are back in the loop, I have a nephew, I cut my hair, and I was in a play this summer.




Cali dreaming 2

I got the opportunity this morning to tour an all organic shed. It was beautifully simple and they had a strong emphasis on rebuilding the soil with compost and rock dust. Great hard working people with a fine operation!


A personal favorite was the 2 rows of sweet pea flowers. I love the sweet pea scent at bath and body but I do not think I had ever smelt it in person before… Amazing!

Cali dreaming

I am touring in Cali for work and I hear the weather in the Midwest is less then ideal… So I will post you some sunny photos to look at as I tour.




Waiting to be Auntie Heather

Easter weekend I stopped up to see my Sister in-law who is currently at 37.5 weeks! Doesn’t she look great?!

548975_10100162292343492_753644676_n 425119_10100162291919342_47185209_n 547537_10100162291250682_722894058_n 45309_10100162292093992_1917561851_n 65349_10100162291145892_888965668_n

Trash to Treasure

Last summer my neighbor was cleaning out the garage and house. I couldn’t help but look at some of the bigger items near the dumpster, in particular the snowblower and a dresser. Last summer painted the dresser and added new hardware in it looks marvelous. The snowblower was its own mystery, It didn’t work and it never worked for the owner and he no longer wanted to try and fix it. He had also inherited it from another person. As it turns out all it needed was a new spark plug… Fixers keepers! Hopefully the snow on March 5 will be the last snow and we can finally move on to spring…


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