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Birds, buffalo, and ponies oh my!

To say a certain style has caught my eye lately would be an understatement. I’ve been mildly obsessed with fun sweater prints. Here are a few at forever 21 right now.

I didn’t end up getting any of these, but I did get this fox.



Trick or Treat Makeup: Deer

This year I didn’t have much time after work before trick or treaters showed up at my door. So I just worked with things I had.

I quick used the makeup I had to make it look like I had a deer face in 5 min.


I started with bronzer from ear to ear over the crown of my face making more of a heart shape over my forehead.

Took a large blush brush and pulled it from my ears in on my cheeks, adding a dab on my chin.

With a small brush I painted from my eyebrows down the side of my noes about 1/2 way down.

I used Eyeliner and made dramatic cat eyes and just filled in under the bottom of my nose. (I know a lot of people go on the end of the nose but I tried to create the long nose deer have)

White eyeliner to make the spots (in the future I would used paint or something liquid)

All things considered, not too shabby for 5 min face. I took more time to take photos of it then I did doing it. 🙂


Snapshot, Fall Fashion

Mustard yellow is back for another fall season! Check out a snap shot of my fun fall picks.


Oxford Shoes

Last year I bought a great pair of Oxford heals that look a little like this but cuter with a ribbon lace and a fun design on the toe…

womens-oxford-shoesI’m wearing them today and still have lots of love for this style but also enjoy all the new looks that came out this spring and fall in more of the flat style. I’m more drawn to the floral prints or the plainer ones but here are a few of the styles that can be found out there.

$T2eC16ZHJFsFFS!dUP(cBRjnBIqfE!~~60_35 oxford-shoes-for-women-3And here are a few ways to rock these in a fun yet casual way.

oxf3Good bye tennis shoes and hello Oxfords!




Falling into fall

This week the colors started to POP around town. It is amazing! I feel like I woke up Thursday morning and my tree in the back yard just caught FIRE!

With the changing of the leaves so must we change the colors and clothing we rock. I defiantly pulled my boots out a few weeks early for Ren Fest but have been wearing them most of Sept. Here is fun outfit using lots of the trends that have some saying power from last year.

Colored Pants: With fall we will shift into darker washes instead of the bright Mints and Corals of summer. Try a Dark red or blue.

Chambray and Denim Shirts: Layering them under sweaters is great expectantly when you aren’t wearing Denim jeans

Adorky Sweater Prints: I think these have a special place in my hart. Fun prints let me feel young and fun but they are doing them in ways that don’t feel tacky

 Satchel: I never rocked the big bag trend. I’m not sure how people find things but I do like the hands free and no shrugging  to keep my bag up that the Satchel provides.


Check out this idea I tossed together using all of these trends. Not bad right?

Fun for fall, Fun for all!


Peter Pan Collar

I found the cutest little floral Peter Pan collard shirt the other day. I cannot think of anything more perfect for nice spring day. However the weather did not agree with me and stayed in the low 40’s earlier this week. (See the snow still on the ground) IMG_9112 IMG_9109 IMG_9133

Green Pants but no Green Grass-yet

IMG_8939 IMG_8954

Saint Patty Day Nails

This year we had a few St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The first was Friday night so I did my hair, my nails, and I got all green and gussied up. Little did I know it was snowing outside… So I elected to a night in with my roommates.

All the same I think my nails turned out quite well with cute little shamrocks


Easter Dress

I guess it is spring but mother nature didn’t get the memo. All the same I went on a hunt for a new spring dress to use also for work and Easter  I think I found a great little number at Forever21. Most times the dresses from Forever21 aren’t long enough (and I’m 5’2 ish so if I think they are short they are WAY SHORT) but this one is great! I love the mint color and the playful polka dot’s in this 1940’s belted throw back and pairing it with pearls.  Pearls are always a good idea… 🙂

IMG_8869 IMG_8878 IMG_8904


While in Poland and Vienna I took a few photos of me hanging out waiting around… Since it was winter I was always wearing a jacket for these “waiting” photos.




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