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Retail Me Not

I’m here with another couponing tip.  Check out the site RetailMeNot before ordering or buying things. They have lots of Stores, restaurants, and site coupons. I sometimes come here to check for additional Shutterfly Coupons before checking out. Its really easy to use with a large search bar at the top.  Not all the codes work all the time but its not a bad place to see if you could save a few extra penny’s.

Its a great resource to get additional discounts on things you are already getting.


Midweek Giggle: Home



Love this little nook… however also check out this story below, not so funny but an interesting use of technology.


Amazing story: five-year-old boy accidentally falls asleep on a stationary train in India waiting for his brother, wakes up 1500 kilometers away with no idea where he is or what the name of his home town was. Over 25 years later, finds his way back home via Google Earth.  Find the full story here…


Oxford Shoes

Last year I bought a great pair of Oxford heals that look a little like this but cuter with a ribbon lace and a fun design on the toe…

womens-oxford-shoesI’m wearing them today and still have lots of love for this style but also enjoy all the new looks that came out this spring and fall in more of the flat style. I’m more drawn to the floral prints or the plainer ones but here are a few of the styles that can be found out there.

$T2eC16ZHJFsFFS!dUP(cBRjnBIqfE!~~60_35 oxford-shoes-for-women-3And here are a few ways to rock these in a fun yet casual way.

oxf3Good bye tennis shoes and hello Oxfords!




Fall Photo Fun day!

I have had a photo passion since my parents got me my 1st camera. It was the style that still used the amazing cube flashes! After that Grandfather Anderson handed down to me a Polaroid camera and my 1st digital camera. This is a hobby that clearly stuck but in the past year or so my friends have welcomed me into their lives with it.

I have had the opportunity to get to know Charell the past 3 or 4 years through Church events and Softball. (this girl can hit, look out Jason) It’s always your prayer for your friends to find an EPIC love, one that chases you down, waits for the right timing and will swoop in.  Jason did all of that.

The story as I know it is, these two have known each other for a while. Even dated once but it wasn’t the right timing. They both had some growing to do but just a few years later that flame was rekindled! Just spending the afternoon with them you can tell Jason is the guy God has for Charell. They play well and have so much fun together, he’s defensive of her (in a “take a conceal and carry class because I love you” kind of way), they put God first in many of the decisions they make, and once Jason figures out what to do with his hands when taking photos it became hard to pick just  few photos for a sneak peek… I narrowed it down to 70 but here are just a few.

J & C 10-12-13-8984

J & C 10-12-13-9129
Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 8.28.30 PM

J & C 10-12-13-9107

J & C 10-12-13-9391

I’m so happy for you! Thanks for letting me share the afternoon attempting to capture your love!

J & C 10-12-13-9117 J & C 10-12-13-9166J & C 10-12-13-9051


Falling into fall

This week the colors started to POP around town. It is amazing! I feel like I woke up Thursday morning and my tree in the back yard just caught FIRE!

With the changing of the leaves so must we change the colors and clothing we rock. I defiantly pulled my boots out a few weeks early for Ren Fest but have been wearing them most of Sept. Here is fun outfit using lots of the trends that have some saying power from last year.

Colored Pants: With fall we will shift into darker washes instead of the bright Mints and Corals of summer. Try a Dark red or blue.

Chambray and Denim Shirts: Layering them under sweaters is great expectantly when you aren’t wearing Denim jeans

Adorky Sweater Prints: I think these have a special place in my hart. Fun prints let me feel young and fun but they are doing them in ways that don’t feel tacky

 Satchel: I never rocked the big bag trend. I’m not sure how people find things but I do like the hands free and no shrugging  to keep my bag up that the Satchel provides.


Check out this idea I tossed together using all of these trends. Not bad right?

Fun for fall, Fun for all!


Upcycle Table Redo #1

Here is my next project. I picked the table up off of Creig’s list this summer. It’s a great solid piece and I’ve been tempted to do many things to it… But for now its stripped and I’m sure it will be a completely new table in just a few weeks. However I do think the legs are going to give me heck… :/



Deal of the day: Target

So Target is utilizing smart phones and couponing to the max! They have online coupons, text coupons, and its own ap called Cartwheel.

Last night I did a target run and got a few things: 1 small Butternut squash, 5 Bananas, and a blazer.

I texted FRESH to 827-438 and used the $1 off fresh fruits and $1 off fresh vegetables so I paid about .70 cents for the produce.

Now the blazer I fell in love with online last week and it was $35 and I almost ran out and got it in that moment.


This week it was on sale fore $30 but I also had a cartwheel item that was 20% off making it about $24. AMAZING $11 off!


Lots of deals out there!

Engagement Photo Fun!

You are about to see a lot more photo posts from me as I am finally taking up shooting people. (Yeah that sounds wrong but you know what I mean!) Here are some photos from my 1st engagement session this past spring. This same couple asked me to be their wedding!! Crazy cats! I was so honored to be able to share part of this love story… here are a just a few of the photos.


945331_10100206070426862_1662226490_n 1039501_10100206070476762_339469995_o 1047941_10100206070342032_581301132_o 1048434_10100206070431852_973239200_o

Operation lamp update

I love to just look though thrift stores. On a recent run I saw this amazing lamp so I asked myself, could I use a lamp. Yes! In the living room. Question two, does it work? I found an outlet and a bulb and it did! Ok so how much? $7… But wait yellow stickers are half price today! Scoooorrreee! So I loved the details and glass and figured someday ill find a new shade.

Not loving all of the bronze look I layered on a coat of paint followed by a darker coat of the gray blue and hit it with a rub of stain leaving just a hint of the old life it had.

Here is the before and after, not bad for $3.50 and a little elbow grease.

Midweek Giggle: Witch Legs

Check out this interesting addition you could do to a kitchen table?! a953f92022f6a5ab0d26672903e0a896

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