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From Scrunchies to Bows

I found the cutest bow! After I got it for $7 I kicked myself, I totally love it and will enjoy it but I SOOO could make something like it. Little known fact about me in the early 90’s I had a booming scrunchie business run out of not one but TWO different two tone Caboodles.

(I was 8-10 years old in this golden scrunchie age. I hope you are getting a kick out of this!) Well the reason you are getting this back story is because my parents cleaned out the basement and I now have all my old scrunchie material in my basement. Most of it was already cut up to make but I, like most of my obsessions, let it fizzle out in 1995 before sewing and selling them all. Besides if we are all honest scrunchies where on there way out.

OKAY back to bows. I spent 5 min digging through the scrunchie material and i found it… PACKER FABRIC. I just knew I would be making a bow of of it. So after a quick stop at the craft store buying some clips I was back at home making some bows. See my new accessory’s below.

I am really enjoying some of the bows that are out there right now. I just saw a few when I was out on Sunday, everything from a small cute side clip no bigger than an inch to some larger ones like the one below. Watch this adult bow trend… I think its going to start taking off soon. 😀

What do you think?


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One thought on “From Scrunchies to Bows

  1. LOVE these bows!!!

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