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Game Day

Can you hear that? Just around the corner… you can almost taste it as the smell of a BBQ wafts past your nose. The echos of a thundering crowed are rolling across the field. As you breathe you can see the fog come out of your mouth and something just beyond that fog is coming into focus. Do you see it? It is a larger than life Vince Lombardi glistening in the sun. Nostalgia of sharing a game with other Lambeau legacies overwhelms you.
“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”

Wise wise words. Welp I hope that didn’t scare you too far off but its true, I’m a Packer FAN! If you don’t follow all you need to know is that the Packers are winning, often.

For those of you who enjoy spending sundays with family and friends tuning into the games I ask you this, what do you wear?
I have a Jersey (or 2) and I always like to spice it up a bit more than the classic “Jeans and Jersey”.

If you tuned in to my last post I told you of the new Packer bow I made, you best be believing its going in my hair, hat, or purse on Game day.

Also I have added some Green and Gold accessories to my life such as: Nail polish, shoes, necklaces, earings, scarfs, and purses.
Most football teams have a good “fashionable” color. I just lucked out that my team has the extremely popular golden yellow that has been in-style for 3 years now.
Here are a few photos of my stylish jersey days.

Shoes- cents of style, Jeans- thrifted, Jersey-FleetFarm (I’m in MN with little access to nice Packer gear), Jacket-JC Penny, Bow- Made it, Tank- OldNavy

Jersey- Thrifted Salvation Army, Sweater- thrifted Goodwill, Scarf- Made it from JoAnn Fabric Clearance section, Jeans-Kohl’s and boots (you can’t see them but Skinny Jeans, Jersey and boots are AWESOME!)

Now its time add some flair to your game day! Have fun this weekend and enjoy the games!



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